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In order to get best results from this platform we highly recommend following steps: 


- Create an ad. If you still haven’t published an ad, your chances to connect with somebody diminishes significantly. If people don’t see your ad, they will not be able to see your needs nor contact you. So, if you don’t have a n ad yet, go ahead and create one! It’s extremely simple and takes just two minutes to do it.

 - Describe your needs in detail. The more details you will provide, the more accurate matches you will receive. We see that those ads that are more in depth also attract more interest and inquiries from other users.   

- Be proactive and contact other platform users! This one is extremely important. You might think that your job is done once you have created an ad and now you can quietly sit and wait for emails coming. No! The competition for jobs and for quality service providers is big. So, if you want to get that best available options – grab your phone and reach out to those that you like the most.  

- Login to your profile regularly. Every time you log in to your account, your ad goes up in the list. So, your chances in getting noticed increases significantly. More people will see your ad, more quality applications you will receive! 


And now go and find what you are looking for! :-)


Oh and btw, don’t forget that this membership is renewing. So cancel your subscription in the settings of your account once you don’t need our services anymore.